What's Happening in the Deaf Harvest this week?

Click on the names of the missionaries listed below and read their personal prayer letter to you.  Remember to pray for their needs throughout the week.  Come back often to read updates from their countries.

Mainland North America


News from the INB of the Southern Baptist Convention

United States

Rodney & Vonda Burnett - Deaf World Outreach

Chuck Snyder - Deaf Reformed Ministries

Robert E. Rhoads, Sr - Campus Crusade for Christ, Inc. at Gallaudet University

Gary & Rhonda Barrett - Deaf Ministries Worldwide

Ray & Kathryn Montoya - Commissioned Believers Deaf Ministry

Rodney Webb - North American Mission Board (SBC)
(Letter Coming Soon)

Tim & Susan Eckert - Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
(Letter coming soon)


 Island Countries



Donville & Phyllis Jones - Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf

Puerto Rico

Elisabeth Hoke - World Mission to the Deaf and 
Evangelical School for the Deaf

David and Marsha Mitchell -SBC International Mission Board


George Braidwood - HCCD


Central America

El Salvador, Guatemala
Dominican Republic, and Honduras

Stan & Lynn Stepleton - SBC International Mission Board


Dr. Francis J. Casale -  Signs of Love Ministries


 (If you know other Deaf missionaries not on this list, please send me an email and let me know how to contact them. )   We want to include every missionary to the Deaf in every denomination that proclaims Jesus Christ as the risen Lord and Messiah.  We are ALL workers in the Deaf Harvest together!!